Time Controls

There are two main types of Time controls: Starts and Finishes

Service-in and Service-out as basically starts, and Hill Rallies rarely use Passage Controls these days.

All Time controls follow the same colour code: Yellow is a warning that a Time Control is ahead; red is the actual control.


Finishes are easy: the time is taken when you go through the “Flying Finish”


As far as I can tell, the technique seems to be

  1. Tromp on the loud pedal when you see the Warning of Flying Finish (yellow checkered flag)
  2. Hang on to it until you’ve got through the Flying Finish (red checkered flag)… that’s the time you get for finishing the stage! Times are normally to the second.
  3. Deal with whatever problems you now have, and slow down in a controlled manner before you get to the Stop-line
  4. Stop at Stop-line and smile innocently at the marshals there
  5. Drive off sedately until past the decontrol board (orange circle with three lines through it)


Starts are a simpler in design, but tad more complex timing wise. You will have, from your Road Book, a defined time to get from the last time-control to this time control. You will lose a minute of Lateness for every minute you are late (or early) to this time control.


  1. Warning of Arrivals (Yellow clock)
  2. Arrivals (red clock) is the time you enter the “start area” and is measured in minutes, seconds are ignored.
  3. From the 2011 Blue Book:

    [P 35.2.3] At Special Stage Arrival Controls, no penalty will be incurred if the car enters the control area as follows:

    1. On a Target Timed event, the car may enter during the sixty seconds immediately preceding the target check-in minute, or during the check-in minute.
      For example: a car has a recorded time of 11.04.40 for the previous Stage Finish. The next section has a target time of 00:09 (nine minutes). It is therefore due at the next Time Control at 11.13.
      The car arrives at the yellow advance Control Board at 11.08, stopping before the yellow board. The car is Permitted to enter the control zone at any time after 11.12.00. The Time Card may be handed in at any time between 11.13.00 and 11.13.59, and a time of 11.13 will be recorded.

      Note that the time is taken from the recorded [Flying] Finish time, not the time the competitor leaves the stop line: By the time the stop-line marshal has marked your time-card, asked you how the stage was, and a detailed record of all the modifications to your car… you may have lost 3 minutes of your road time!
      This procedure will incur no penalty.
    2. On a scheduled time event, the car may enter the control zone during the sixty seconds immediately preceding the due time minute, or during the due time minute. The procedure to be followed is identical to that for a target timed event from the point of arrival at the yellow control board to the actual check in time.
    3. Between Arrivals and Start, you are in Dead Time. The arrivals crew will have given you a notional time for when you will be starting, however the start crew may delay that. In this Dead Time, you may change a puncture (or change [or remove] the windscreen) but you may do no other work on the vehicle.
  4. Start (furled flag in a red circle): When the start person says go, plant it!…. times a-ticking

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