What do I need to enter a Hill Rally?

You need three things, to compete:

  1. A car
  2. A Competition Licence
    • Both driver & navigator need competition licenses
  3. Dosh.

The first two are pretty obvious, but the third one?

Yes – apart from the entry fee, you have: fuel; spares; accommodation; a service crew; getting there (and home again); and repairing the car again afterwards.

If you have competed in Competitive Safaris, then you’re most of the way there: you will have the Competition Licence, and probably the car (though you can do a Hire-Drive these days!). If you’ve never comped, then I suggest racing at an event or two would be a good idea: Driving a vehicle with over a foot of suspension travel is different to driving a taut rally car; and driving Cross Country is nothing like driving a defined road! (We’ve enticed a number of rally drivers into Cross Country vehicles over the years… and they find it very challenging; very different to what they’re used to.)

You will need to be a member of an invited club (which is pretty much any club doing Comp Safaris within the UK, or ours!)

If you need to get a Competition Licence, you need a “Non-race Clubman” (or better licence).

Navigators (in Hill Rallies) require a competition licence, however this can be anything from a clubman licence up to an international licence.

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