What is a “Hill Rally”?

A Hill Rally is a “Multi-Stage Rally” for Cross Country vehicles.

In essence, this means that the competitors drive a number of different stages, in a defined order, with set times to cover the non-competitive sections (the drive between the stages, and service)

A Hill Rally, like any other Special Stage Rally, is made up of three types of “event” for the competitors:

  • Special Stages are the actual competition: the bit where you drive as fast as you can, the bit where the drivers skill is paramount
  • Road Sections are the bits of road/track/route that you are guided along to travel from one Special Stage to the next
  • Service is when you can fix the car, and service time is limited… so don’t go damaging things too much!

At the end of the day, the competitor who manages to complete all the Special Stages in the fastest time wins the event.

How does a Hill Rally differ from a Comp Safari?

In a comp, the drivers are allowed to “walk the course”, to have a look at what they’re going to race over, and muse on the lines available.

In a comp, the drivers drive the same course time and again…. getting to learn the route, and to try different lines.

In a comp, the teams have time to fix problems: service time is as long as they need, limited only by the time required to get runs in.

None of this applies to Hill Rallies: no sight of the route before you set off; nothing to help you pace the car; at best, one repeat of a stage; and limited service time between stages

Hill Rallies are about preparedness, about endurance, and about your skill in reading the ground ahead.

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