AGM 2016


Saturday 30th, 2pm at The Inn, the Crook of Devon
(Main Street, Crook Of Devon, Kinross, Kinross Shire KY13 0UR)

In line with Article 22, 21 clear days notice is hearby given of the 2016 AGM for the Scottish Hill Rally Club.

The AGM will receive a statement of accounts from the previous year, a report of activities of the clun in 2015, and elect the committee for 2016.

Details of the agenda can be downloaded as a copy of our Club Rules and Conditions.

Membership renewals

Also available on-line is our Membership Form, we would appreciate it if you could complete this with your up-to-date information when you renew, so we always have the most current contact details for you. If possible please include your email address so we can keep in touch with you more effectively and efficiently.
The membership form can be brought with you to the AGM, posted to the address on the document, or emailed to


Proposals are sought for committee member (and we would be delighted to welcome new people who wish to help carry the club forward). The committee requires four (4) named official (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and Club Secretary) plus up to five (5) elected members.

Proposals for committee should use the following guide:

I propose James Bond for the position of elected member. Alec Trevelyan (membership number 006)

I accept the above proposal. James Bond (membership number 007)

Proposals for altering the rules of governance of the club may also be submitted. Such proposals should be

* Clearly worded
* Quote relevant rules or regulations
* Be clear in what you want to achieve and why
* Show the name of the proposer and seconder

As an example:

We propose an alteration to article 16, such that subsrciptions (membership payments) should fall on the 1st of June. Proposed by James Bond (Membership number 007) and Alec Trevelyan (membership number 006)

Proposals should either be sent in writing (signed by both parties), or by email.

Written proposals must be posted to:

Charlie Denny
SHR Club Secretary.
Castleton Place,
AB35 5ZQ

Email proposals should be written by the proposer, who sends it to the seconder. The seconder forwards the proposers email, with a note giving their details as seconder, to

Proposals must reach the Club Secretary before Satruday 16th January, 2016 (14 clear days before the AGM)

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