So, you want to get involved?

You have an off-roader (or not), you find motorsport fun, you enjoy competing, or marshalling, or both?

What next?…

Marshalling or competing in an event can be incredibly rewarding but have you thought about becoming even more involved? There are all sorts of ways you can get more involved in shaping the events and being part of the build up to, and the power behind the event. Planning starts with the design of the course, and there is a lot of skill that the Course Designers use to create a fast flowing but challenging event that gives the different types of vehicle a fun, fast, but occasionally tricky, event. They then have to create the Stage Maps. At the same time Supplementary Regulations have to be written so that competitors know that there will be an event, and how it will run, and give them the confidence that it will be a fair and exciting competition for them to pay money and enter! With that information the Chief Safety Officer starts planning medical cover, rescue unit(s), and recovery, and creates the plans to keep the event running safely, alongside the Chief Marshal who works out how many marshals are needed, and can set about recruiting them.

Underpinning all of this the Entries Secretary looks after recruiting competitors, and the Secretary of the Meeting is kept busy making sure that all of the permits, paperwork, information and records are in place to run the event successfully, and are retained afterwards. Together these two roles are the linchpin that holds everything else together, and ensures that the monies balance at the end of the event!

For some events the Time Schedule needs to be developed and if you enjoy juggling logistics this can be a frustrating and incredibly satisfying task which is so important in creating a good flowing event. This then comes to life with the Road Book which tells competitors where to go and when. Both of these need to be designed, drafted and then double checked!

During the event the Chief Timekeeper comes into their own, making sure that we have the right, calibrated clocks, correctly installed, with beams, lights etc, working and ready to go – and that they keep going all weekend feeding information to the Results Officer. Results are crucial to the success of an event – if the competitors don’t know who has won it is much less fun! If you enjoy detective puzzles this can often be quite rewarding! Co-ordinating all the action on the day is the Radio Controller, who links all of the marshals through to HQ, and is first to hear about any issues – and try to sort them out. Let us also not forget the Scrutineers, who check that all vehicles are safe, and comply with the regulations.

Sitting behind all of this is the Clerk of the Course. The CoC is the final decision maker to keep the event running smoothly – supported by each of the roles above they need to keep the event running within the regulations, safely, and act as the final arbitrator on any disputes. They are supported by Club Stewards (and at larger events an MSA Steward) who tend to be experience senior members of the club who can offer advice and occasionally hear the odd appeal.

Behind the scenes there are usually people who seek out Sponsorship support, and also look after Communications with volunteers, competitors and the public, including the media. There is the ever important role of Social Secretary to lead the planning of the social aspects of large events, or just the occasional get together to add to the fun for all concerned.

There is something for everyone here, and finding people to take on these roles, learn about them from the current incumbents, and then start stamping their own mark on the events is crucial to the long term future of our sport. All of the people currently performing these roles are busy folk, and with the plans developing for a second, multivenue, Hill Rally in 2018 the need for new enthusiasts has never been greater. So if you fancy getting involved – or have brilliant ideas for how to make the events even better – please talk to one of the people currently doing the job, or contact secretary (at)

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