The “Borders” 2020

A message from the Clerk of the Course and Club Chairman, Rupert Hine.

With the end of September, and having seen all the changes over the last week, we thought it would be helpful to update you on the Scottish Borders Safari.
As a club we remain committed to bringing you the best in cross country motorsport – an event that is fun, challenging, safe and benefits everyone involved, competitors, volunteers and the landowner and local community.
With the recent announcements by the governments both north and south of the border that has increased the level of lockdown we have been reviewing our plans.

Under the current level of social distancing we need to have robust plans to subdivide the service area, and self-catering accommodation in Scotland is currently limited to single household groups only. We also know that many crews will prefer to compete with a navigator. At the moment multiple occupancy of competition vehicles in Scotland is only permitted where the competitors are from the same household. We appreciate that this is a different situation to south of the border, but at the moment Scottish Government have a different approach. This has been under review in recent weeks and with the increasing level of infections they have postponed permitting indoor contact sports and multiple vehicle occupancy in Motorsport.

The Government are hoping that the current tightening of the regulations will reduce the transmission rate, but warn us that those tightened restrictions may last throughout the winter and therefore may even threaten
the beginning of the 2021 Motorsport season. Currently we have applied for a permit to run in November and had intended to open entries on 1 st
October. We also know that Scottish Government are expected to review their position by 5th October. With this in mind we will be postponing opening entries so that we know the latest advice from Scottish Government.
We hope that we will be able to bring you a safe, and fun event. Our event could represent a significant economic benefit to the local community. As we are all seeing at the moment, gathering people together also represents a potential risk of spreading coronavirus, especially when people are gathering from across the country. We will be watching very closely the information coming from both the UK and Scottish Governments and Motorsport UK, and will give you an update for entries opening as soon as possible after 5th October.

Thank you for your patience.

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