The SHRC is the club for people who love Hill Rallies:

people who want to compete in them

people who want to be involved in organising them

people who want to be involved in running them

The primary purpose of the club is to promote Hill Rallies in Scotland, and we do this in a number of ways:

  • We support the Scottish Competitive Safari scene via the SCCC
  • We promote Hill Rallies at Regional and National level
  • We attend Motor Shows

Without the Scottish Cross Country Championship (SCCC) Comp Safaris and other regional Championshipe (eg NORC, Staffs & Shrops) there are no future competitors for Hill Rallies.  SHRC supports the SCCC by permitting and organising the events.

For details on the SCCC, see the dedicated SCCC web site

For details on the “Borders”, see the menu above

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