Scottish “Borders” Safari 2020 Cancellation

It is with great regret that the Scottish Hill Rally Club must announce the cancellation of the Scottish “Borders” Safari in November.

This decision has been based around three key elements:

  • At present Scottish Government regulations do not permit indoor contact sports, which includes allowing two people from different households into a competition car.  We know many competitors were hoping to bring a navigator with them, and most will have been from different households, so this was a key concern for us.  Scottish Government had hoped to be able to relax this area, but with the rising cases they announced on Thursday that this has not happening at this time.
  • Additionally regulations in Scotland prevent more than one household from meeting indoors.  This includes holiday/self-catering accommodation which means it would pose a significant problem for many competitors and volunteers alike.  We have been keen to make a decision in good time to allow people to give plenty of notice to their accommodation providers, many of whom they have a long standing relationship with.
  • We have also been watching the progression of the disease.  With cases rising, advice from both UK and Scottish Government is that regulations may have to become more restrictive and that the situation is likely to be difficult until at least Christmas.  We therefore feel that now is not the time to gather several hundred people together on a compact site, no matter how good the covid precautions might be.  We are concerned that we need to keep the goodwill of the local people and were we to run, this may pose a risk to them, and damage this goodwill.

We have tried hard to make this work, and know that this decision will disappoint many people.  The preparations will not be wasted however, as we intend to run this event next year, and are planning to be able to run both a Safari Plus, and a Hill Rally in 2021.  Look out for further announcements on dates in the near future.

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News, October 2017

The Scottish “Borders” Hill Rally 2017 is approaching fast and the organising committee are busy polishing the arrows and preparing the trophies for what is shaping up to be an exciting competition.  The course builders have been spending countless hours down at Forrest Estate planning the stages, and Campbell has had his abacus out fine tuning the time schedule.  There are a few tweaks to this year’s event, building on the feedback from previous years.  This sees the same start and finish times as last year (allowing for more tinkering time on Sunday morning), and this year we will be splitting the night stage, so that you get three stages in the dark (over a similar distance) which will help us keep the night-time entertainment running smoothly, whilst still giving competitors the chance to pit their wits against the Scottish Forests in the dark.

We appreciate that there has been plenty of discussion about our decision to reduce the maximum entry for the event.  This was taken to make sure everyone had a fair size of service space within the limited area of the service park.  Unfortunately with fewer multiple vehicle teams entered we knew this would be under pressure.  We have, however, been discussing this with the Estate and there is a possibility that we might be able to secure slightly more service space.  The big question for us is – do we need it this year?  With the usual mechanical gremlins starting to come out of the woodwork we do now have two entries available for the Borders, and plenty of space on the reserve list.  In previous years we have regularly seen reserves become entries so if you are keen to enter, but thought you had missed out there are two places immediately available, and space on the reserve list to be first in the queue if anyone else is thwarted by a dicky gearbox or dodgy sump.  We will keep reviewing the numbers, and this will allow us, and the estate, to see what might be done to increase capacity in the future.

In separate news the club has been continuing its preparations to relaunch the Scottish “Perthshire” Hill Rally, with a return to full scale, multi-venue hill rallying over the spectacular Scottish hillsides in the heart of Scotland.  We have a number of venues part way through planning, and are confident that this is shaping up to rekindle the excitement of the past – did you survive the Legend?  With the passing of the seasons we will not be quite ready to host this prestigious event in 2018 but the Perthshire will return in July 2019 and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Glens then.

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So, you want to get involved?

You have an off-roader (or not), you find motorsport fun, you enjoy competing, or marshalling, or both?

What next?…

Marshalling or competing in an event can be incredibly rewarding but have you thought about becoming even more involved? There are all sorts of ways you can get more involved in shaping the events and being part of the build up to, and the power behind the event. Planning starts with the design of the course, and there is a lot of skill that the Course Designers use to create a fast flowing but challenging event that gives the different types of vehicle a fun, fast, but occasionally tricky, event. They then have to create the Stage Maps. At the same time Supplementary Regulations have to be written so that competitors know that there will be an event, and how it will run, and give them the confidence that it will be a fair and exciting competition for them to pay money and enter! With that information the Chief Safety Officer starts planning medical cover, rescue unit(s), and recovery, and creates the plans to keep the event running safely, alongside the Chief Marshal who works out how many marshals are needed, and can set about recruiting them.

Underpinning all of this the Entries Secretary looks after recruiting competitors, and the Secretary of the Meeting is kept busy making sure that all of the permits, paperwork, information and records are in place to run the event successfully, and are retained afterwards. Together these two roles are the linchpin that holds everything else together, and ensures that the monies balance at the end of the event!

For some events the Time Schedule needs to be developed and if you enjoy juggling logistics this can be a frustrating and incredibly satisfying task which is so important in creating a good flowing event. This then comes to life with the Road Book which tells competitors where to go and when. Both of these need to be designed, drafted and then double checked!

During the event the Chief Timekeeper comes into their own, making sure that we have the right, calibrated clocks, correctly installed, with beams, lights etc, working and ready to go – and that they keep going all weekend feeding information to the Results Officer. Results are crucial to the success of an event – if the competitors don’t know who has won it is much less fun! If you enjoy detective puzzles this can often be quite rewarding! Co-ordinating all the action on the day is the Radio Controller, who links all of the marshals through to HQ, and is first to hear about any issues – and try to sort them out. Let us also not forget the Scrutineers, who check that all vehicles are safe, and comply with the regulations.

Sitting behind all of this is the Clerk of the Course. The CoC is the final decision maker to keep the event running smoothly – supported by each of the roles above they need to keep the event running within the regulations, safely, and act as the final arbitrator on any disputes. They are supported by Club Stewards (and at larger events an MSA Steward) who tend to be experience senior members of the club who can offer advice and occasionally hear the odd appeal.

Behind the scenes there are usually people who seek out Sponsorship support, and also look after Communications with volunteers, competitors and the public, including the media. There is the ever important role of Social Secretary to lead the planning of the social aspects of large events, or just the occasional get together to add to the fun for all concerned.

There is something for everyone here, and finding people to take on these roles, learn about them from the current incumbents, and then start stamping their own mark on the events is crucial to the long term future of our sport. All of the people currently performing these roles are busy folk, and with the plans developing for a second, multivenue, Hill Rally in 2018 the need for new enthusiasts has never been greater. So if you fancy getting involved – or have brilliant ideas for how to make the events even better – please talk to one of the people currently doing the job, or contact secretary (at)

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Results: Borders 2016

Final results from the 2016 “Borders” Hill Rally are available in a downloadable pdf file.

For lots more information, and being able to look at individual stages, individual competitors, and various ways of comparing things, all from the East Coast Results Service website

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Britpart “Borders” Hill Rally 16/17th November

The BritPART “Borders” Hill Rally Organising Team and the Scottish Hill Rally Club (SHR Club Ltd) are delighted to be able to welcome you back to the 2013 event.

This year’s event sees us build on the success of previous events and is again being held at the Forrest Estate near St John’s Town of Dalry in Dumfries and Galloway. This private forestry site provides for fast graded Cat A routes, well worn Cat B tracks, and something a bit more challenging along the way. Most of the site is relatively all-weather, and we have worked with the land owners to make stages as interesting as we can. We have listened to the feedback about the previous courses and have taken this into account with less runs through some quarries (in fact some will only be visited once). The setup team and the Landowner are working hard to ensure that we provide a course that is both fast, technical and providing a cross country experience that you have come to expect from the “Borders”.

With the disappointment of not reaching the minimum number of entries for the event in 2012, the club have discussed this at great length and outcome is that the BritPART “Borders” Hill Rally 2013 WILL RUN. The club still has a strong passion for running Hill Rallies, we have set the entry fee for this year’s event at £400 for over 100 miles of excellent stages. We have also introduced a number of incentives that will reduce the entry fee further, in some cases by £100. Details on the entry form.

The “Borders” Event is the only currently running Hill Rally and to that end the club feel that it is important that we spread the word so that interest both old and new can be ignited. We have looked at how we promote this, through the generous support of a sponsor (Custard Motorsports), we are delighted to announce that the event will be professionally filmed with the programme being shown on Motors TV at a later date.

We fully appreciate that this is only possible due to the continuing support of the Hill Rally enthusiasts, Club Members, Sponsors, Volunteer officials and you – the Competitor.

Recent times has seen a trend in last minute entries for events, we fully understand the reasons why, it doesn’t however help us with organising the event. Please help us by getting your paperwork in early and telling the entries secretary of your plans.

2013 still sees us with a number of Sponsorship Challenges and we welcome any offers of support, both large and small. If you can help please get in touch.
This year’s event will is dual permitted NAT A and NAT B. There is still a wide tyre choice (provided they are listed in the All Terrain or Mud Terrain lists in the Blue Book) however a good sidewall is definitely recommended.

The same service area as previous will be used, with catering being provided by a local business.

The results and timing services are coming back, and if we can find Internet Access, results will be posted live!

I, and the rest of organising team, would also like to offer our thanks to the landowner; to Brian Hilditch and his team; to the sponsors for their support; and all the volunteers who make this event possible. We fully appreciate that running an event is only possible due to the continuing support of the Hill Rally enthusiasts, Club Members, Sponsors, Volunteer officials and you – the Competitor.

One message I would like to reinforce to everyone, last year quite a few people said that they would have entered had the event ran. Well we want you to get your entry in early, with post dated checks there nothing to loose. The club have already agreed that this year’s event will run, no cancellations. So with this commitment from the club, we want you the competitor to get your entry in promptly, so that we can all enjoy this great event.

With a few months to go to the event, interest has been most positive. We would welcome your support at the event and in helping to spread the word about this year’s event. The Scottish Hill Rally Club looks forward to seeing you at the event on the 16/17th November 2013 in what will almost certainly be the best Hill Rally Event of the Year.

Regs, and associated paperwork is being emailed out to past competitors this evening and it will be available to download from the clubs website tomorrow

If you want the paperwork tonight then please email me.

Got a question, get in touch…………..

Colin Rodger
Rally Manager
Scottish Borders Hill Rally 2013.

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Borders 2011

Comprehensive results are available from the North East Results Service web site.

First Overall 2 Dan Lofthouse/Jonny Koonja G Fofthouse Freelander 2:46:59 1
Second Overall 7 Alex Holford/Gwen Adair F Appollow Warrior 2:57:00 2
Third Overall 8 Ahsley Short/Ste Almond F TP 4×4 Focus 2:58:11 3
First Class A
(Standard Production Petrol)
42 Mark McNeill/Derek McNeill A Suzuki Vitara 3:30:43 16
First Class B
(Standard Production Diesel)
No eligable finisher
First Class C
(Modified Production Petrol)
13 Johnny Drysdale/Tony Rae C LR 110 3:14:04 11
First Class D
(Modified Production Diesel)
39 Simon Cooper/Sean Wallet D LR 90 3:34:18 18
First Class F
(Prototypes under 3600cc)
25 Robin Parkinson/John Annad F Matterati Porsche 3:34:45 19
First Class G
(Prototypes over 3600)
30 Anthony Jackson/Nicky Brook G Wildcat 100″ 3:06:04 5
First Class K
(Prototypes Diesel)
29 Gareth Carruthers/Wallace McKay K Bowler Windcat 3:03:48 4
First Class L 29 Willy Stubbs/Andrew Hill L LR 90 3:07:05 6

The Kempster Trophy
(Best mixed crew)
7 Alex Holford/Gwen Adair F Apollo Warrior 2:57:00 2
Duckworth Trophy
(Best novice crew)
42 Mark McNeill/Derek McNeill A Suzuki Vitara 3:20:43 16
Britpart Trophy
(Best Beam Axle)
29 Gareth Carruthers/Wallace McKay K Bowler Wildcat 3:03:48 4

Spirit of the Rally Award 31 Rob Hingston/Morgan Plyer
Special Mention Diana Baines

Willy Stubbs, SS 5 (I think)

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Borders 2010


1st overall 11 Chris HAMMOND/Amanda GARRATLEY F Milner R5 02:36:12
2nd overall 34 Ashley SHORT/Ste ALMOND F TP4x4 Focus 02:44:59
3rd overall 15 Mike MORAN/Claire WOOD K AT4x4 Challenger 02:45:50
Class A (Standard Production, Petrol) No eligable finisher
Class B (Standard Production, Diesel) No eligable finisher
Class C (Modified Production, Petrol) No eligable finisher
Class D (Modified Production, Diesel) 22 Phill BAYLISS/Lance MURFIN D Land Rover 90 03:03:23
Class F (Prototypes, engines up to 3,600cc) 27 Karl GUDGEON/Peter KING F GSR Evo X 02:45:57
Class G (Prototypes, engines over 3,600cc) 51 Robert SIMMONITE/Tony CLARKE G Simmbughini 02:46:48
Class K (Prototypes, Diesel engine – any size) 25 Andrew CHESTER/Matthew LISTER K Bowler Wildcat 200 03:19:41
Class L (2-wheel drives) No eligable finisher
Spirit of the Rally Johnny Drysdale
Best Novice Crew 47 Scott WHITMORE/Steve MATHEWS F Tomcat 88 02:55:58
QT Award: Best Wildcat 200 4 Ian CARSON/Gareth CARRUTHERS G Best Wildcat 200 02:53:24
The Ray Kempster Award: Highest placed Mixed Crew 11 Chris HAMMOND/Amanda GARRATLEY F Milner R5 02:36:12

Final Placings

Position No. Driver Co-driver Car Class Time Diff. from
Prev. First
1 11 Chris Hammond Amanda Garratley Milner R5 F 2:24:50
2 34 Ashley Short Ste Almond TP4x4 Focus F 2:32:09 0:07:19 0:07:19
3 15 Mike Moran Claire Wood AT4x4 Challenger K 2:33:31 0:01:22 0:08:41
4 27 Karl Gudgeon Peter King GSR Evo X F 2:34:09 0:00:38 0:09:19
5 51 Robert Simmonite Tony Clarke Simmbughini G 2:35:04 0:00:55 0:10:14
6 14 Martin Cox Pauline Carson Tornado Evo 1 F 2:38:26 0:03:22 0:13:36
7 31 Toby Jefferson Geoff Barlow GSR 206 F 2:39:48 0:01:22 0:14:58
8 18 Ben Duckworth Howard Belt Rally Raid Desert Warrior G 2:40:18 0:00:30 0:15:28
9 41 Richard Squires Andrew Gould Bowler Wildcat 100 G 2:40:24 0:00:06 0:15:34
10 4 Ian Carson Gareth Carruthers Bowler Wildcat 200 G 2:40:54 0:00:30 0:16:04
11 47 Scott Whitmore Steve Mathews Tomcat 88″ G 2:43:37 0:02:43 0:18:47
12 9 Paul Aynsley Stu Howe LR Tomcat 88″ G 2:44:23 0:00:46 0:19:33
13 8 David Bartlett Alan Agnew Tomcat 100 G 2:45:39 0:01:16 0:20:49
14 26 Paul Myers Matt Morgan LR 100 G 2:49:26 0:03:47 0:24:36
15 22 Phill Bayliss Lance Murfin LR 90 D 2:50:38 0:01:12 0:25:48
16 39 Chris Cuming Kevin Hoare QT Land Rover G 2:51:27 0:00:49 0:26:37
17 35 Anthony Jones Paul Dunn 3ms 206 G 2:52:39 0:01:12 0:27:49
18 12 Colin Stevenson Pauline Stevenson Simmbuggini G 2:52:55 0:00:16 0:28:05
19 28 Euron Williams Martin Roberts Bowler Wildcat 100 G 2:53:00 0:00:05 0:28:10
20 21 Keith Wylde Andrew Jenner Bowler Wildcat 100 G 2:55:13 0:02:13 0:30:23
21 19 Martyn Smith Hannah Reid LR Tomcat 88″ G 2:55:13 0:30:23
22 25 Andrew Chester Matthew Lister Bowler Wildcat 200 K 3:00:59 0:05:46 0:36:09
23 49 Tom Hipkiss Rich Hipkiss Tomcat 100 G 3:04:12 0:03:13 0:39:22
24 30 Robin Vance Glen Robinson Bowler Wildcat 100 K 3:07:45 0:03:33 0:42:55
25 46 Fraser Parish Andrew Smallridge QT 88 F 3:19:49 0:12:04 0:54:59
26 36 Anthony Jackson Graham Jackson Tomcat 100″ G 3:24:43 0:04:54 0:59:53
27 10 Hefin Owen Gwyn Morris 3M Challenger F 3:32:46 0:08:03 1:07:56
28 48 Simon Cooper Sean Wallet LR 90 D 3:40:40 0:07:54 1:15:50
29 16 Niall Meehan Wallace McKay Bowler Tomcat G 3:42:57 0:02:17 1:18:07
30 45 John Walters Lisa Walters LR 90 G 3:50:20 0:07:23 1:25:30
31 17 Peter Baird Niall Thomson Bowler 100 G 3:57:01 0:06:41 1:32:11
32 44 Warren Roper Ken Andrews LR Series 1 88″ G 4:09:48 0:12:47 1:44:58
33 52 Charlie Norman Oliver Kinnell Tomcat Special G 4:25:45 0:15:57 2:00:55
34 50 Geoff Hind Donald Fraser LR 90 G 4:47:59 0:22:14 2:23:09
35 5 Robin Rymell Nathan Rymell Peugeot 306 G 5:12:31 0:24:32 2:47:41

Full results at

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Borders 2009

Results from Borders 2009 – the first year we went to Forrest Estate!

Pos. O/A No. Driver Co-driver Car Class Total Diff. from
Prev. First
1 1 Richard Kershaw Graham Broadbent GSR Evo 9 G 02:20:24
2 2 Dan Lofthouse Jonny Koonja Lofthouse Proto G 02:21:28 00:01:04 00:01:04
3 3 Tim Dilworth Anthony Brinkman Peugeot 206 Sti F 02:25:45 00:04:17 00:05:21
4 9 Carl Duffield Warren Anderson AWD Proto 4×4 K 02:32:58 00:07:13 00:12:34
5 32 Ollie Lloyd Amy McInnon Tomcat “Primrose” G 02:38:22 00:05:24 00:17:58
6 26 Johnnie Drysdale Stuart McLaren LR 110 C 02:40:38 00:02:16 00:20:14
7 18 Ian Carson Gareth Carruthers Bowler Wildcat 200 G 02:44:03 00:03:25 00:23:39
8 7 Robin Rymell Nathan Rymell Peugeot 306 G 02:44:54 00:00:51 00:24:30
9 28 Martin Conboy Michael Harulow Tornado Land Rover K 02:45:26 00:00:32 00:25:02
10 36 Paul Williams Simon Kerfoot AT 4×4 K 02:46:53 00:01:27 00:26:29
11 24 Paul Aynsley Charlie Alder LR Tomcat 88″ G 02:46:54 00:00:01 00:26:30
12 34 Hefin Owen Gwyn Morris 3M Challenger F 02:48:09 00:01:15 00:27:45
13 19 Colin Stevenson Pauline Stevenson Simmbuggini G 02:48:26 00:00:17 00:28:02
14 16 Martin Cox Mark Garner Tornado Evo 1 F 02:48:49 00:00:23 00:28:25
15 37 Niall Meehan Wallace McKay Bowler Tomcat G 02:49:18 00:00:29 00:28:54
16 40 Ben Duckworth Howard Belt Rally Raid Desert Warrior G 02:49:49 00:00:31 00:29:25
17 30 Martyn Smith Hannah Reid LR Tomcat 88″ G 02:51:34 00:01:45 00:31:10
18 29 Tony Rae Duncan Hopkins Bowler 88″ G 02:53:50 00:02:16 00:33:26
19 27 Iain Lawrie Jim Douglas LR Tomcat 88″ G 03:01:12 00:07:22 00:40:48
20 14 Henry Webster Joel Haylock LR Discovery C 03:03:20 00:02:08 00:42:56
21 42 Keith Wylde Andrew Jenner Bowler Wildcat 100 G 03:04:00 00:00:40 00:43:36
22 44 Phill Bayliss Lance Murfin LR Discovery D 03:06:31 00:02:31 00:46:07
23 21 Kevin Groos Tim Chadbourne Mattserati G 03:11:53 00:05:22 00:51:29
24 33 Simon Roberts Mike Hemmingway LR Tomcat 88″ G 03:12:20 00:00:27 00:51:56
25 31 Stu Howe Ian Cupples Bowler 88″ G 03:15:45 00:03:25 00:55:21
26 38 Andrew Chester Matthew Lister Bowler Wildcat 200 K 03:21:35 00:05:50 01:01:11
27 45 Wayne Wells Sam Wells LR 80 K 03:27:56 00:06:21 01:07:32
28 22 Robin Parkinson Joss Lovie Mattserati C4 F 03:40:17 00:12:21 01:19:53
29 23 Paul Myers Matt Morgan LR 100 F 03:41:37 00:01:20 01:21:13
30 20 Paul Garner Giles Tinkler Mattserati K 03:42:47 00:01:10 01:22:23
31 25 Michael Hannak Dave Billings Tornado 2 K 03:45:01 00:02:14 01:24:37
32 35 Euron Williams Martin Roberts Bowler Wildcat 100 G 03:48:10 00:03:09 01:27:46
33 41 Mike Bain Wil Aitken Bowler Wildcat G 04:00:15 00:12:05 01:39:51

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Perthshire 2009

1st Overall Dan Lofthouse/ Jonny Koonja
2nd Overall David Barlett/ Alan Agnew
3rd Overall Robin Rymell/ Nathan Rymell
1st Class A Robin Parkinson/Joss Lovie
1st Class B Selwyn Kendrick/ Dave Lucas
1st Class C Henry Webster/ Joel Haylock
1st Class D Steve Chambers/ Brian Mckay
1st Class G Paul Aynsley/ Martyn Smith
1st Class K Alan Crow/ Philip Jeffress
Best Novice Crew Stu Howe/ Ian Cupples
David Simmonite Spirit Of The Rally Campbell Sharp

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Borders 2008

The year of snow and ice in Kershop Forest!

1st Ray and Yvonne Kemspter
2nd Matt Lee and Martin Gould
3rd David Johnston and Tim Hamelton
Class G 1st Paul Aynsley and Martin Smith
2nd Ian lawrie and Guy Hallie
Class K 1st Mike Jones and Cat Ratter
2nd Selwyn Kendrick and Andy Flynn
Class H 1st Niall Meehan and Andrew Emerson
2nd Peter Baird and Gordon Thomson
Class D 1st Henry Webster and Joel Haycock
2nd Kris Anderson and Niall Thomson
Class F 1st Robin Rymell and Nathan Rymell
Spirit of the Rally Iain Stuart, (ground set-up team leader at all Scottish Hill Rallies)
Mixed Crew award Mike Jones and Cat Ratter
Rookie Team Kris Anderson and Niall Thomson

Results by Peter Sykes

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