We have 4 types of membership:

  • Ordinary: Open membership to all other persons not being a member under another category. £10
  • Competitor: Persons wishing to enter the event and be supportive of the club but not wishing to serve on the committee. They may serve on any organising sub group. Allowed discount on one event entry fee of £30, along with additional free management pack, each year. £10
  • Junior: Under 18, and not owning or driving a vehicle at club events. Does not have voting right. £10
  • Corporate: With one voting right but person cannot hold another voting right. Includes free advert in newsletter and event regulations and publication. Plus website link. Right to place one banner at service area and Rally HQ at all managed events. £10

In addition, there was a “special case” membership:

  • Founder: The “Founder Members” where the people who joined the club when it formed, the people who had the commitment to the sport to create the club. This level of membership is now closed. Renewal is £10

Persons on low income and on proof of benefit, may take out Assisted membership for a flat fee of £10 per annum or until next renewal after entitlement ceases.

Cheques should be made payable to SHRC membership card and receipt will follow. Club articles of association etc are available off the Internet.

To join, please print off the Application form, or post the following details to:

1 Hallyards Farm,
EH29 9DZ
or email

Name, Address, Postcode, Telephone number, email address, Membership type

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