Sponsorspip Opportunities

An event as large and complex as this cannot exist without the valued support of sponsors. We have stage and service park sponsorship opportunities. This year the event will see more media exposure as well as social media coverage. Our spectator stage will be enhanced too, with an improved viewing area.

With the stages agreed and the route planners working away, you can expect the SR’s to be published in a matter of weeks, so if you want your logo on the front cover as well as plastered over Muddy Moo, get in touch now!

2024 – A fantastic year for Hill Rallies!

Two Scottish Hill Rallies planned for 2024.

The SHRC team met for the first time this year. A six hour long and very productive meeting resulted in some brilliant plans. We have a great year of Hill Rallying ahead for you!

1st & 2nd June. The second Scottish Summer Hill Rally, featuring increased stage mileage and many other enhancements.
16th & 17th November. A completely refreshed and revitalised Borders Hill Rally.

We’re getting to work straight away on both of these events and are looking forward to providing the best cross country experience in the UK.
Get these dates in your diary!

Thank you to Voxcloud for supporting the Scottish Summer Hill Rally

Voxcloud is an Easy To Use All-In-One Hosted VoIP Phone System that increases productivity, sales and call transparency whilst minimising cost.

For small contact centres why not try our Voxdial (Lite) Hosted Dialler system?


This start up event would not be viable without the generous support of its sponsors. Huge thanks to Voxcloud for supporting the summer hill rally and for sponsoring the spectacular Thirlestane Castle Stage!

Summer Hill Rally good to go!

The Scottish Summer Hill Rally is confirmed and all set to run on 17th to 18th June 2023.

However, we would still like to see a few more entries! So here’s a little incentive for those already entered. If you can encourage another competitor who has not yet entered and they complete their entry form, pay and compete we will refund you £100. How you spend the £100 is up to you, you can put it towards fuel costs for the event, treat your service crew or split the £100 with the competitor you encouraged to enter!

We look forward to seeing you in the beautiful Scottish Borders in June!

Sponsors A-Z – ADVANTAGE

Advantage has over 25 years of experience in supplying the
automotive market. Our experience is in supplying a wide range
of companies within this sector. We are happy to develop and
manufacture components in relatively low volumes. Our
company has a proven history of developing bespoke solutions.
For example, we have developed windscreen washer systems for
highly specialised vehicles, particularly when lack of space and
the need to keep weight to a minimum have been of prime
importance. In 2005, ten of the fastest cars on the planet used
windscreen wash and wipe systems developed by us so we can
say we have proven track record. We work with design
consultancies, rapid prototypes and end customers to ensure a
high quality end product . We have access to a number of
toolmakers (UK based and off shore) to translate product
concepts into a moulding. We also produce top quality short run
blow moulded products for a number of industries and provide
water treatment chemicals primarily for the automotive industry.

Thank you for your support of the Scottish Summer Hill Rally!